Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What Is So Good About Reading Than Watching a Movie

I have chosen the question why the book is better than movie. And here are my three reason why.

First of all the book has more description than the movie because the more the description you have the better the imagination you have in your mind like a movie. Accept it's not a movie at a theater.  Let me just say that the movie does not always have somethings in the book because what I like to do is to finished the book first then watch the movie to see the different. And it is true because if you put everything in the movie, then the movie would be too long and who would want to watch four hours of movie. I think that too much. Beside it might be boring and not so great.

Second of all, reading a book is better for you then watching a movie in that reading help you learn new word and help you be a better reader. Also it make you really smart in English. Movie does the opposite things because watching too much movies is bad for you eyes. They also make you not smart. You know why because my mom too much movie cause eyestrain and not exercising your brain. You can read as much book as you want because it good for your brain. Movie not as much as the book because I took you why. Beside if you get bored and you asked one of your parent they might say “ Read a book that will entertain you.” They do that because they want you to exercise your mind.

Third of all, there are so many variety of book like children, teen, and adult. Movie doesn't really have that much of variety of thing. And sometimes movie is rated PG-13 and your parents don't let you watch it even though you're thirteen or fourteen, especially my mom. For instance if I have a movie I wanted to check out in the library my mom would have to see what Is it rated, if it is PG-13 and say something about sexuality then I wouldn't get it if it is not then I can't. But my mom let me read teen book because she know that children book sometime are little bit easier to read.

Fourth of all is that you can take books anywhere you go because they're not electronic. And movie is electronic which means you need to plug your device in the outlet so the battery won’t die and you are bring a lot of stuff with you for instance headphone so that people won’t hear what you are watching, a bag to carried headphone laptop or other electronic and a plug for it, and laptop or other device for your movie. For book it just only one book or two if you are a fast reader and put them in your purse. Sometime I like to read at bedtime because I know that reading at night make me fall asleep faster then closing your eye.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The end

Jonas and Gabriel have made it to our world, the weather, the color and te meomory.
Yeah that made it!
What happen next after they have reach to the new world?

The kidnap

Jonas now know when Gabriel going to be release, so Jonas took him and try to get away from the community.
I wish I could transfer cold into my body when someone is looking for me because when bad guy are looking for the warmth of my body.
How far long to Jonas and Gabriel have to reach to the end?

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Jonas and the Giver has a plan and the plan is to get jonas out of the community and be part of our world except the Giver is staying and helping jonas to escape. Jonas is sad that the giver is not coming with.
This is probably my favorite chapter because it sad and happy at the same time.
Is it only Jonas going?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

His Father Kill It

Jonas want to know what happen in the  morning when his dad took care of the twin and what they did to the lightest twin. So he watched with Giver and found out that the lighter twin get a shout which kill them.
I so sad for the baby
Does Jonas's dad  care about one of the twins die?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The reminded of pain

Jonas didn't like how Ash and his friends pretended to kill someone. But Jonas can't explain to him, why.
I would hated to learning all the rules for school.
Why can't he just break the rule?

Monday, April 18, 2016

Not Knowing Anything

Jonas asked the Giver what is his favorite memory and he show him What Christmas and he did not know who were the old people.
I don't like the community and  how they run it.
Why can the community change a little every year?